Past Work


Branding a Fashion Startup

I designed the brand for Nifty, a company that would do for clothes what Instacart did for groceries (and give you free returns). I worked with the founding team to build a landing page and message tailored to their unique audience.



Envisioning Own Retail

While working at the Portland-based Ancona + Associates I helped develop a European own-retail strategy for Samsung. In response to Apple's retail success Samsung sought to explore new distribution models for their broad family of products.


Graduate WORK


Connecting Millennials to Healthcare

Premera Blue Cross partnered with the MHCI+D program at the University of Washington to explore innovative means of engaging, educating and serving millennials following the passage of the Affordable Care Act. I and three other masters students researched and designed OnCall, an app concept created to better utilize resources in the healthcare system by connecting patients to appropriate levels of care in real time.



Surfacing Intuition for Creative Collaboration

My capstone for the University of Washington's MHCI+D program was a 3-month collaboration with Seattle's Artefact Design Group. Myself and three other masters students researched and designed solutions in response to the following question: How can creative teams leverage non-rational styles of thought?



Seeing Streams from Space

In response to one of NASA's space app challenges from 2015, I designed and developed this visualization of the American hydrologic system. Equal parts technical exercise and design exploration, Streamflow presents the striking beauty of natural systems in a new way.


For fun and profit


Produced in the the MHCI+D prototyping studio, Bubblino explores the way computers are changing how we play. I rigged a temperature sensor up to an Arduino and stuck them on a bubble wand, letting the user, "blow bubbles", into the connected computer.

Play time with computer friends