I was trained as a writer.

For a while I was sure I would publish a novel, pen a few screenplays, and ply my trade at a keyboard. The keyboard part is still true. I've found great satisfaction in the written word but my expressive palette has grown broader with time. My career spans hospitality, finance, medicine, film, and design, across five states and 15 years. I've learned a lot. None of it more valuable than the work of communication.

With each new role, industry and client my ability to articulate my ideas, listen to those of others, and create a shared understanding between people has proved my most valuable skill.

The way people relate to and work with one another interests me.

I believe that our strength as a culture lies in our ability to learn from history. We balance received wisdom and novel insight to create objects and systems that augment our natural capacities. Not only do we learn directly from the past, we extrapolate from it and try to predict our future. That's a remarkably powerful thing—a thing we accomplish through dialogue. Dialogue with our predecessors, our peers, and ourselves.

I am, and have been for some time, fascinated by our relationship to the things we make.

By studying the tensions between creator and audience, subject and object, mind and market, I hope to fashion an increasingly deeper understanding of human experience and the role design can play in making that experience better.

My approach to any project begins with the most powerful instruments in my collection: good questions and a pen. My process from there adapts to the circumstances at hand, but I always begin by framing problems in human terms—terms like perception, emotion, memory, drive, and desire—then sitting in a state of intentional curiosity, trying to know what I don't know. The unknown unknowns. This is because I believe the most robust systems are those with the most robust understanding of the people who will act on and in them.

I've dedicated my career to two things: Connection and Creativity.

My broader interests include, but are not limited to: space exploration, mixing realities, and the perfect bolognese.

I place great value in solitude. My creativity needs room to take root. That said, I do my best work in the company of others. A range of opinion and experience makes for healthy ideas. I'm constantly learning and sharing what I find. The world is a big, bright, curious place.

In my spare time I love to read about possible worlds and spend time out in this one. I write and recite poetry, collect moments with a camera and cook as often as I can. I carve, play and study. One day I'd like to see how high I can jump on the moon.

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