As a member of the LexisNexis UX team, I adapted the technologies built at Ravel Law to function in harmony with the Lexis Advance platform.

My Role

Sr. User Experience Specialist


June 2017 - Present

At Ravel we developed a new way to visualize search results that emphasized the citing relationships inherent to case law. I was responsible for adapting that visualization to the LexisNexis design language. In the diagram shown here each node represents an individual legal opinion. The nodes are positioned according to the level of court in which they were decided, and the year the decision was made. The edges drawn between linked nodes represent a citing relationship. Edges extending to the left of a node were used by that opinion to structure its argument. Edges extending to the right of a node connect to opinions which have subsequently cited it. When a node is selected, the graph highlights these citing relationships, promoting the interrogation of search results that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Access to the LexisNexis corpus opened up new possibilities for embedding additional kinds of information in the display. Illustrating a citing relationship is useful. Describing that relationship is even better. Shepard's is an editorial service unique to LexisNexis which describes the nature of a citing relationship between two legal opinions. This adds a critical dimension of analysis to what is otherwise a raw linkage. We layered Shepard's information in to our existing network to help users quickly understand how opinions interact. In the example shown here one citing relationship is inspected, showing the signal—a badge indicated the quality of the relationship, in this case negative—and the language used by the later case to cite the earlier one.

In addition to search enhancements in the core research product, I was also responsible for migrating Ravel's suite of legal analytics to the Lexis Advance platform. Beginning with expert witnesses and judges I designed a series of dashboards describing patterns of behavior on the part of these legal actors. I built a system of UI components that will extend to accommodate other entities, like law firms and corporations. These tools allow litigators, analysts and government affairs workers to make more informed decisions on behalf of their clients. In this example we're viewing a representation of jury verdicts and settlements from Judge Lucy Koh's ruling history, with a breakdown of outcomes by party and by award amount.

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